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Hi all,

We are happy to be able to share with you some of the assets we have been working on lately. They are of course fully textured with Substance :)

Some of those assets such as Mr Grumples, Sigvard (viking) and The Hive come from artists outside of Allegorithmic, so feel free to send us your renders so we can showcase them!

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The Gunformer, created by some artists at Allegorithmic.
We created a template that we could apply to all the parts of the mesh (more than 200 pieces!), with different parameters to play with.
This allows us to create many variations in a few clicks.
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Sigvard, by Rich Diamant

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Mr Grumples, by Wes McDermott
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The Riffle, by Nicolas Wirrmann
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The Hive, By Jarred Everson
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Hi Guys,

Are any of these templates going to be made available?  It's all nice to see what other people can do, but I bought substance for what it would let me do ;)

Bump :)

Sorry, I'm keen to get going with Substance but I feel like I'm sitting here with a bunch of Ikea furniture and no instructions...

@ simon_8

tutorial playlist also including half of a step by step creation of a rusty metal texture:

The template we use for the guns can now be found here:

Hi Guys,

Thanks very much for the tutorial links and the samples, that's certainly enough to keep me busy for a while.  Hopefully I can start showing up here with some cool stuff of my own :)

These are great. I mostly want to see the graphs so I can dissect how they were created :)