Author Topic: Substance Painter for 3ds max and vray workflow  (Read 13265 times)

Hi all!

I dont know if this is the right place, but I'm looking for a while for a workflow that can help me for my work in
3ds max and v-ray.
and no success...

My workflow now is: model in max ->unwrap in uvLayout -> texturing/shading in SP and v-ray.
But my problem is, when I put the maps from SP in vray, things looks complitly difrent and I need to do a lot of
tweaking to get the wanted result...  :-\

So my question is if there  is a worflow for 3ds max and vray?
If not, so maybe there is some tips...
For example:
-In what format to export the maps?
-To use Fresnel Or not?
-and etc...

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Hey danplattner,

you can take a look at This Thread.
This could help using VRay.

Best regards
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Cool ^_^


Would be nice if there was an easier way.