Author Topic: Saving current image as bitmap - substance designer update  (Read 1160 times)

Ever since the latest substance designer update (2019.3.1 i believe) the UI for saving current image as bitmap in the 2d window has changed. In previous versions of substance designer when you pressed the "save current image as bitmap" in the 2d view a regular windows file explorer window would pop up.
Since the most recent release substance designer has started using a custom UI for navigating you computer to save images - in my opinion this custom UI inferior to regular windows UI.

Is there any way to change back?


This change was mandatory for the integration of color management in Designer, however I agree with you it's not the best window. We'll see if/how we can improve that.
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My nr.1 feature request is being able to type and copy paste directories

What is color management?

Unability to paste directory is huge drawback fot me too. Any chance for upgrades soon?