Author Topic: How to get texture sets from Cinema 4D R15  (Read 1732 times)

Hey everyone! I just can't figure out how to deal with this and this is driving me crazy because I get only 1 texture set which is "default material" instead of 3 materials I assigned to peaces I want to be in a different texture set.

Heres what I've tired:
- Applying materials
- Assiging polygon selections and applying them to the materials
- Exporting in obj and fbx formats using different kinds of settings

And none of it worked

The thing that did work was if I used Riptide pro obj exproter, BUT BUT it does not save my phong data intead it turns it all up to maximum angle which makes my robot look all smooth, ugly and puffy.

Hey valters,

if this Riptide Pro exporter works, use it.
Phong is just a metarial, the mesh has nothing to do with it. The exporter shouldn't change the mesh itself when set correctly.

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Yea, but is there any way I can lower the phong amount because it realy hurts my eyes when I see a peace that is supposed to be blocky apper round.