Author Topic: Decal transparancy not working with substances.  (Read 3247 times)

Hi guys,

When testing a simple decal, we are getting some unexpected results, the textures exported from the substance work as expected (transparancy shows). But for the substance itself its not working. I am probably overlooking something simple, but I sure could use some advice.


What happens if you set the output to DXT5 instead of RGBA?

That's probably not the cause of your problem, but the texture produced by the Substance plugin will not be in 16 bits but in 8 bits as 16 bits colors texture are not supported by the Substance SSE2 engine currently used by the UE4 Substance plugin.

Hmm, well i can try DXT 5, I did try the map as luminance as well, but I can only get it to work with bitmaps, no transparency/opacity with substances so far. Any other angles I can tackle this from?

Hey there, today i faced the same problem. Any workaround existing? Making decals over and over and exporting them as images is not what i was hoping for. :D

Ok neververmind, problem solved through trying. Works like a charm now. Exporting the opacity output in Designer as DXT5 and using it as a mask in UE4 works.