Author Topic: Multiple bugs in 1.4.0 (no preview icons, close button won't work)  (Read 1164 times)

Hi there,

me and my colleague are experiencing some serious issues with the current release.
He is running the standalone version from this website while I have tested the same on my personal Steam version.
Preview icons for the following shelf items won't work/show up:
- Procedurals
- Generators
- Textures
- Filters
- Environments (one out of all works)
- Shaders (one out of all works)
- Particles (one out of all works)
- Brushes
- Particles (for Brushes)
- Tools
- Materials (partly - some showing, most not)
- Smart Materials

Trying to close the program via X-button (top right corner) does nothing.

sorry, didn't see that there was already a thread linked to the same issue - for anyone else here it is
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Here is a way to force the generation of the thumbs:
- open Substance Designer
- open a project (a sample project for example)
- that should generate the thumbs

And we are anyway working on this problem as Fabrice mentioned.

Head of Product Management