Author Topic: reload texture doesn't seem to work?  (Read 1012 times)

our art team has been telling me when they try to reload a texture, it seems like its not doing anything. i've been seeing this too. i'll save something in photoshop or something, reload and nothing happens. if i re-drag the texture in it seems to update.

are we doing something wrong?

Reloading a texture will reload it in the shelf but not the version used in the layer stack as they are 2 different entities with no links in between in Painter at the moment.
It's something we plan on changing in the near future.

Hi Jeremie,

this is still doesn't working in 2.4.1 right?

At least I don't know how to do it, kind of pain if you are using custom textures in the layer stack.
Would be nice to have textures from the shelf to be linked with layer stack.

Peter Kolus, CG Generalist / CG Senior artist:

It is still planned but still not done yet :)