Author Topic: Scatter for brushes in painter  (Read 2688 times)

The brush tool in substance designer has a scatter option that would be really fantastic to have in substance painter. Color jitter would be great too.

Hey Aabel,

you have a Size/Flow/Angle & Position Jitter in Substance Painter already. You need to click on the green 'Brush - Basic'-Button to get to the Advanced Brush settings.

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Yes, I am well aware of the existing jitter options, they are nice, I am glad they are there. There needs to be more options, especially for color. Also the existing options do not replicate what the scatter brush option does in substance designers bitmap node. Scatter brushes are pretty standard in painting applications these days.

 Some of the short fall can be made up with using substance designer but it would be better to have the options directly in the brush engine.

The color jitter will come soon.
Regarding the scatter : that's a good suggestion, I will take a notes about it.
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