Author Topic: [SD4/SD5] Procedural grass tutorial  (Read 14944 times)

Software : Substance Designer 4.x and above
Level : intermediate
Focus on : FX-maps

In this tutorial divided in 2 videos, you will learn to build a fully procedural grass that you can customize to your need. In order to achieve this, you will learn to use to FX-maps.

In the next post, I'll copy/paste a possible performance optimization that you can apply later on.

Grass tutorial playlist


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Here is a way to improve the performance of your FX-map.
Based on the previous tutorial, I maneged to make my graph 6 times faster by using... 2 FX maps instead of 1  :)



Some explanations : what is affecting a lot the performance of an FX map, is the size of the input pattern, and the number of iterations

In the old graph, I had a pattern with one strand that was occupying a very small amount of the map surface (not optimal at all as I pay the same price, whatever is in the pattern). Then I had to iterate it hundreds of times to fullfill the texture.

On the new example, I make a first FX map, to create a pattern that makes a better usage of the available space. therefore I only have to iterate 25 times on the second FX map.

So in total the sum of the 2 new FX maps is way less than the single old one.

As a conclusion, try to make the best usage of your pattern space, in order to limit the amount of required iterations in your FX-map

Thanks for the tutorial mate. Just what I was looking for, I'll also try to make several changes on it. 

Glad you like it ;)
Don't hesitate if you have any question

one of the essential substances to both learn and use

don't know how often I went back to that tutorial - thanks + great work!