Author Topic: [SD5] Custom Graph Template  (Read 81137 times)

Software : Substance Designer 4.x and above
Level : beginner
Focus on : Graph Templates

Hey guys,

This Guide explains how to set up a Substance Graph Template to be used within Substance Designer when creating a new Graph.

  • Create a Substance File (.sbs) with all the desired outputs you want to use by creating a new Graph and adding the outputs.
  • Safe this file to a location where you want to store it.
  • Add the file to the Substance Graph Templates by going to Preferences -> Projects -> Substance Templates.
    Click on the small Plus Icon (+) on the right hand side and add the location you have stored your Substance Template.
  • When you now create a new Substance Graph you should be able to see your saved Graph Template.

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thanks for sharing  :-*

has this changed in the newest version? Not seeing the Templates entry under Projects.

Its now under:

Preferences -> Projects -> Project -> General -> Substance Templates


thx!!!!!! it is very helpful