Author Topic: Blend Node Overlay issues in 3ds Max  (Read 2589 times)

When I set a blend node in substance to Overlay or Divide and save out the sbsar file 3ds Max won't read it in 5.1.1. I change the blend node to copy or multiply or add/sub and save the file, then it works 3ds Max. Anyone else have this issue?

Hey amreed3D,

this is no issue but it can't be fixed right now, unfortunately, too.
3DS Maxs Substance Plugin is just not compatible with Substance Designer 5 and those blending modes were introduced with the release of Substance Designer 5.
You'll have to wait for an update for the Substance Plugin.

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Is the 3ds Max Substance Plugin handled by Allegorithmic or Autodesk?

Thanks for the heads up,
Austin Reed

Hey Austin,

the development of the Plugin is done by Allegorithmic. The distribution for 3DS Max and Maya is done by Autodesk.
This may change in the future and Allegorithmic could develop and distribute the plugin faster that way.

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Hi guys,

Some additional details about it here:

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