Author Topic: Map baking in max.  (Read 2283 times)

Is there a way to use a generic substance that when applied to high polygon mesh will create the maps it needs (like curvature/AO etc?) without needing to bake anything by hand? I would like to create one substance fits all, but I would like them to be automatically adapting to the model they are on for all the procedural weathering and such.

I understand that this is a no no in real-time applications but since I'm waiting 30 minutes for a render adding few second for a map bake shouldn't be an issue ;) Cheers.

Hey @ikkake ,

I think you want to look at the batchtools for this (which requires a bit of code skills)
basically you can imagine to use the sbscooker to bake the maps you needs, and then plug them into you sbsar in max.

I am pretty sure there are ways to automate that, even it won't be directly triggered when you apply the sbsar to you object.

You could imagine something like clicking on a button that apply you sbsar and generate the necessary textures.