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wacom tablet flow pressure option appears to be missing in 2019.3.1

finished the lantern tutorial yesterday, although there were a few areas where i got different results it was a good overview of substance :)
i am trying to apply what i have learned to my own model now:

-but in the baking process, my model does not have a model with id's like your version did-

my model is an obj, and the automatic uv unwrap function appears to have done a decent job with it [although it grouped up a lot of the separate surfaces into a single one] so substance is seeing different surfaces for it...

i tried using the low poly mesh as high poly mesh [i only have the one] and because substance was needed to create my UVs, i am getting a pile of errors being thrown.
what are my options here? I need to bake out the mesh maps, but i can see while it is processing that they are far from correct. when it finishes, they are definitely messed up.

i am quite new to this process and have no idea what to expect here, how to proceed.
thank you,
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Using chrome browser...

Just a question: on the Quiz for Video 01, it tells me i have a correct answer only when I  select none of the options.

What sort of data does the Properties view display?

Context-sensitive data: dependant on what I have selected.
Layer Data: the color and properties of my current material.
Texture data: the setup and shaders of my mesh.

Shouldn't we select at least the first one "context sensitive data" like it was said on the tutorial video?

edit: for the Quiz for Video 02, question 03 "Baked ID".. wrong answer no matter what i select?! :-\
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