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Yeah, they are different, so you don't get exactly the same results. You can get some filters from SP1 on substance Share, (just search for SP_1), I used these. get's you close.

When I open the project file, it looks like this. I can't figure out how to see the materials, and the camera seems to really distort the geometry. Any help appreciated!

make sure your system can run SP - check your specs -

Also, post a log file -,22451.0.html
James Baxter!

Hi i had a question  i have been following the lesson but for some reason, my dirt material doesn't show up in the mask, I tried checking the smart materials its still the same, i have attached an image of the problem bellow


The download link isn't working, the download starts and then stops at 102 Mb. And also, the posts os the lamp tutorial are newer, from 2018, and this linked forum tells that another tutorial is the current one, but the videos were posted on 2015. So as I'm new on this I'd like to know wich one should I actually follow, the lamp or the crate/box?

I would really love to know how the model of the lantern was made. Was it made with CAD or Maya or both?