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Is there a way to tile a surface easily while painting? It would be nice to be able to take a surface, such as a modular mesh that needs to tile, and paint in a way so that it will tile perfectly. I am just curious how one creates tileable surfaces using substance painter, or if this is more of a task for substance designer.

Hey fullmetalstobber,

since you can't adjust the symmetry preferences at the moment, it's not possible to paint seamlessly tiling textures.
You should use tiling textures and apply them in Substance Painter, instead of hand painting them.

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Going to revive that topic.
I was trying today to use a 'tilable plane' (plane unwrapped in a way that it will tile when painting) inside of painter,

Sadly painter refused to import because the edges are touching borders of UV Tiles and painter thinks that you have faces spanning across multiple uv tiles.

I really wish Painter would either allow import still or use its power that it already has (knowing where an edge stops) to allow me to paint 'seamlessly'.

I think it would be quite powerful together with Painters Material Painting to be able to paint a tileable texture, then use it immediately inside painter again as a fill layer.

You can already use the same method as in Mudbox, you just need to make sure to not check the UDIM option when creating the project so that Painter doesn't yell at you about the vertices being on the edge of the UV.
Here is a typical mesh I use to create tileable stuff: