Author Topic: Node description - Useless  (Read 1467 times)

Somebody has same problem with node description?
Every input has the same text in description.

ver. 5.1.0

Hey bak.krystian,

not every node has nice descriptions, unfortunately.
This may change in the future.

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Their is no description per input/output, the description is global to the node and appears whenever the mouse is over the node.
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  Ok, but in previous release I had description like: AO, Curvature. Right now I plug link in blindly. I don't know how this affected on an effect.

Maybe I have disabled one of the options in preference menu?

You probably disabled this

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Hey Crisis,

to add to Nicolas Wirrmanns answer: You'll find this option on the Graph view toolbar.

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Thanks. I changed it by mistake, or it was turned off by default in 5.1.0 :).