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So I purchased the Substance Indie Pack back in mid-December.  I currently have B2M3, SD4 and SP.  Not too sure how I feel about Live coming out, feeling like I just missed the ship getting the software prior to the turn of the year.  My question is, if I purchase the upgrade to SD5, do I then qualify for Live?  My understanding (reading through the posts) B2M3, SP, and SD5 get you in the door for Live.  Thanks!


The answer is Yes :)

If you upgrade to SD5, you will then have Substance Live.

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I keep getting told that I have live due to the licenses I have purchased. In my account it states that I do not have live and I cannot download anything from the substance database. Can somebody please help?

I currently own:

Substance Designer 5 Indie   
Substance Painter Indie
Substance Designer 4 - Indie
Bitmap2Material 3 Pro   
Substance Designer 3 - Commercial Use
Bitmap2Material 2 - Pro

Hey demonseedgfx,

due to the fact that you are posting in the Substance LIVE Section of this forums it is proven that you are a Substance LIVE customer, even if your Account on the Allegorithmic Website does not indicate that. This should be fixed in the future.

The Substance Database on the other hand is not part of Substance LIVE so you won't be able to access the database without having a subscription to it (Substance Database 2.1 Online) or bought the entire library upfront.

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Ok so The database is a monthly subscription and the rest is the rent to buy system, is that correct?

Hey demonseedgfx,

Substance LIVE and the Database are both completely different. As you pointed out correctly the Substance Database can be accessed either subscribing monthly or buying the full package at once.
Substance LIVE does not contain the Database.

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Thats great thanks for your help.