Author Topic: Being able to pack texture outputs as image planes in an EXR file  (Read 2630 times)

Hey guys, it would be very useful if we had the option to pack the outputs (diffuse, specular, etc) as image planes on an exr instead of separate files.   Currently, if a user chooses exr as the file output, it just treats it as any other format (i.e. tga).  EXRs support multiple image planes, often used in compositing, but also a great way to "pack" multiple shader textures into a single texture

thank you!

Agh... I did not meant to post this in this forum... moving to the designer one!

here is what I am trying to accomplish with a screenshot.  When one parses an exr in application such as Houdini and Nuke, it is possible to access n amounts of image planes from a single exr file. 

For this implementation in substance, just having a check box to "pack outputs into single EXR file" in the output dialog would be sufficient

I will also add (I just found out) that openEXR 2.0 supports different image resolution in each image plane... would certainly be nice to have that :) 

BTW how does one put a feature for voting?