Author Topic: Easier additions to Library | Auto fixing of file locations  (Read 1363 times)

1) I think it should be easier to add substances to the library.  Like the database substances.  Currently it really is not easy at all, nor intuitive (hence the constant "how do I do this" messages in the forum) and results in an unfriendly (for me anyway) workflow after the fact.  Why not a simple "Drag and drop" or "import" option?

2) I made the mistake of not pre-planning my folder layout, and then built a bunch of substance graphs.  Now I have to re-link all the substances and files I had linked -- hundreds of them.  It's a BIG pain, and something that I wish was automatically fixed.  Or at least let me select a parent directory that holds all of the links -- usually it's just the first or second folder in the path of the file that has changed, and the fix will work on all the linked files.


Omg yes please add the option to load presets, materials, alphas and what not like in SD library where you can source an input and use filters.

I'm working with a laptop most of the time, and don't have a lot of space on C drive (SSD), this is so limiting!

Also, it would be awesome if we could make folder structures for better organization.