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I have problem with export outputs. When I am using export output, and when
I open this dds I have this error report: DDS: Unknown type.

Can somebody have same problem? I have tried diffrent things and nothing cure this error.

When I export as constant color everything is fine.

In photoshop this file looks strange. Only couple green strokes and rest is in black.

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In which software do you open the dds ?

The photoshop dds plugin from nvidia actually has a bug: it does not read the pixel format. So the dds file is written correctly, but the plugin does not read all the necessary information to decode it correctly.

Edit: another thread is mentioning the problem:
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in photoshop and Xnview. In both have same problem.

I need open this dds in Photoshop in first place.

Hi Krystian,

As Nicolas mentioned, the dds files are written correctly by Substance Designer, and it will look fine in your game.
However, the nVidia plugin for Photoshop has a bug which swaps the channels in Photoshop.

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Since you have to open the file in photoshop first, you could save the image using another file format in SD, open this file in photoshop then save it as DDS. You'll get it encoded the way you want.
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I reported this bug to Nvidia quite some time ago but have never had an acknowledgment.

Since Nvidia make the only (AFAIK) dds tools for Photoshop and are likely not in any hurry to fix them, how difficult would it be for Allegorithmic to change the export of their .dds files to RGB rather than BGR.  That would make it compatible with all current Nvidia tools, will still work in games that check properly or who already use the Nvidia format, and won't break when/if Nvidia eventually fix it.