Author Topic: Designer 4 substance not working in player 5  (Read 2578 times)


I worked a ton in a set of substance designer 4 files. These are now non-functional with substance player 5 (they still work fine in 4).
Is there a migration tool? Can I point to users to Player 4 to download so they can use my substances?

Edit: the substances load in 5 and show the same parameters, but output texture is incorrect.
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Hey wadster,

There shouldn't be any issues. What exactly is wrong?
Screenshots could help.

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Well this is embarrasing. After a reboot, they're working properly. I went for a screenshot and it looks as expected now.
Not only that, but one of the heavy substances that was hanging, now works faster than in 4.
I was scared for a bit back there. There's a lot of work in those substances!
Thanks for your concern  ;D