Author Topic: Export Substance from SD5 to UE4  (Read 1723 times)

Hey guys,

i made a material that i want to test in my UE4 scene. but i dont know how and whats the best way to get the substance directly into UE4 to use it as material. Hope you can tell me how

Hey mobpapst,

you need to publish your Substance as a SBSAR file, install the UE4 Plugin and import the Substance into the content browser.

I've written a small guide explaining that in detail:

If you have further questions or need help: Feel free to ask.

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thanks mate

Hi Fabian.F can you confirm that the substance UE4 plugin works for version 4.7.6?

Regards, Dane.

Hey Dane,

the Substance Plugin for Unreal Engine will work with the latest major release, thus it is fully compatible with the version 4.7.6.
The minor releases (4.7.x) won't change the compatibility, only the Major releases (4.x) should contain enough changes.

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