Author Topic: Switching to Substance live and error? on site for the upgrade cost of B2M.  (Read 1772 times)

(Really two questions here...)
Hi, I was trying to find the cost for me to upgrade from Substance Indie pack to Substance Live.
As I initially understood it earlier it seemed that if you owned all the indie products you are eligible to switch to Live? (There was a post I think saying to send an email??)
I have SD5 indie, SP indie, B2M2/3 pro, so I think I can "switch"... This was my original query, so if someone can help with actually how to do this that would be great and advise exactly what the costs may be.

The other thing was... when I was checking, the upgrade link that seems to say upgrade your Substance product in this case B2M3 pro to Substance Live pro, it shows the cost to do this at $899... I'm pretty sure that is an error??
Otherwise it seems that for me to change from indie to live you have to upgrade your indie products at a cost of,
SD5 indie to live - $149
SP indie to live   - $149
B2M3 pro to Substance live pro $899 --- ??
 At a cost of $1197 I don't think that is correct... as a new seat of Substance Live Pro is $990 and that would be for SD pro, SP pro and B2M pro..

Any help appreciated..


If you have SD5 / B2M3 / SP, then you already have Substance Live :)
The website does not reflect it yet because your B2M3 is Indie instead of Pro (it will be fixed soon), but you can get the Live advantages already on the forum, in the Live board. You should see the dedicated topics for the monthly drops and the beta program, which are Live exclusive.

Head of Product Management

Thanks!   ;D