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I added some SBS PRB Material files but they dont show up in the PBR materials section unless i search for the specific name. Oopse this is a SD question.
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Hey johnny9ball,

the Substance Designer Library works by using the Attributes of a file. You can double-click an empty space in the graph view of your Substance to access the graphs attributes in the Parameters window.

For example:
If you want your Substance to show up in 'PBR Materials -> Bricks' you need to assign the Category 'PBR Materials/Bricks' in your Substance Attributes.

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Argh Amethyst says read only I got it from you guys a while back. Wont let me change anything.

Hey johnny9ball,

the file shouldn't be 'read only' unless you've placed it in a default Substance Designer folder like 'C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\...'

To remove the 'read-only' tag you would need to copy the Substance to another location.

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Its in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Substance Designer 5\resources\packages\materials\pbr Must be wrong then. Where else can I place it? Do place it anywhere and link it in or something? I launched the sbs from another location and it indeed removes the read only cool, but how do I add it to the shelf. And I have dozens of substances to add do I have to add each manually?

Whats the process to adding a sbs material file to SD? I guess I'm doing it wrong I thought you just put your sbs files in a folder and they get added to SD.
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If you go to preferences/projects, you can add file paths to your configuration.
Your files will then show up in your library if you applied the right filters in the library.
Create a folder in the right pane off the library and then right click to see you options.

Regards, Robert
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Hey johnny9ball,

there is no pre-defined folder where you put files to add them to the library.
This lets you store the files on an external hard drive or so.

Here's how to use the Library:
Library Guide

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Ok I got it thanks so much.