Author Topic: How to report bugs?  (Read 7213 times)

We now have an easy process, common for all of our products, to report bugs.

- either by going to Help->Report Bugs in each software
- or on the forum, in the Support section for each product.

If you report a bug on the forum, please make sure to attach a log file: you can find it in Help->Export Log for each software.
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You might want to direct the "Report a Bug" menu option within Substance Designer to a mailto link or something.

Right now, in substance designer 4, if you use Help -> Report a Bug, it simply goes to and there is nothing on that page regarding bug reports.

Well, I guess mabye I should email this as a bug to that email address..  ;)

Substance Designer 6.0.3 Indie here:
After pressing the Submit button it changes to "sending" state.
After that a cryptic string populates the button ending on the word "click!" in parenthesis.
I do not know if the two bugs I just submitted have reached your server. No confirmation mail either.