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I have made a substance graph in Substance Designer with sevral inputs ( grayscale and color) that control the output. In Substance Painter, I'm not able to Paint on directly on these inputs, I'm only able to import a bitmap or to choose a uniform color.
It will aslo be great to feed a onther substance graph!
Is it something scheduled ?

To paint on the inputs you have to make sure they use the right identifier, basecolor for example if you want Painter to pick it up and transfer what you paint in the basecolor channel to your filter's input.

Thank you Jeremie for your answer.

I may have missed something but I still can paint on my input channel. :(
So I have changed the identifier on the substance graph in substance designer ( for testing purpose, I have matched the metallic naming convention).
In substance Painter, I have made a fill layer with the substance attached to, the output look the way it should but it seems that what I paint on the metallic channel isn't transfered to the input that I've just rename.
Acctually, this process might not be safe. I think it can create redundancy loops.( BaseColor feeds a graph that write on the BaseColor channel )
Am I wrong ?

You need to use your substance as a Filter on a regular layer through the Effect menu, not as a Fill layer or Fill effect.

Yes ! Thank you Jeremie.

It's finally working with the prefefined channel ( basecolor, height, metallic, and roughness), but it's still doesn't work with custom channel ( User0, User1 ...).

Is there any solution ?

but it's still doesn't work with custom channel ( User0, User1 ...).
This is a bug that will be fixed in the next update.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Thanks. I'll will retry when the next update will be released!

Sorry to necro this thread, but I have basically the same problem.
I have set up a substance in designer that uses bitmaps as inputs (greyscale in this case). Some of them I would like to paint in designer. I published the substance as sbsar and imported to painter. Hoewever, I don't find a way to use a layer in my stack in painter as the input map for the sbsar.
I have tried to set the sbsar up as an filter on a layer (both fill layer and normal layer). When I try to select my sbsar as the filter, I see the sbsar but can't select it. When I click on it, nothing happens.
When I import the sbsar as a layer itself, I can select prebaked maps for inputs (from the texture shelf) but I don't see a way to paint a map in designer for this purpose.

Hey walk_on_sky,

no need to say sorry!
For me it is working fine in Substance Painter 2. Can you show a few screenshots of your setup?

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Sure, here's my substance in designer. Input setup first, then the outputs:

This is how it looks in painter. First a layer for which I try to setup my sbsar as a filter:
When I click on 'Filter - no filter selected' I can see my sbsar but can't select it.

Here is how it looks when I add the sbsar directly to the stack:
I can select a texture from the shelf for one input (the curvature map) but can't select a painted mask for the second input ('scratchmask')

How do I insert images in my post?
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Hey walk_on_sky,

you can attach images directly to your post by adding the attachments. This can be done while authoring your reply right below the text input box.

Regarding you issue... I think you can't input a painted mask right now (not sure about this, to be honest). You can, however, set the input usage of your input nodes in Substance Designer to a specific map channel. When you then paint with this map channel on your layer while the substance is set as a filter, the substance will affect the painted layer.

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Thank you for your replies.
Could you explain this in a little more detail?
I have tried the input of my substance that I intend to paint on to 'Emissive' (a channel I dont need). In Painter, I then imported and selected a black map for the respective image input. I then added the sbsar to the stack in Painter and tried to paint with a brush that only affects the emissive channel. However, as the sbsar was added to the stack as a Fill layer, I can't paint on it.
What did I do wrong? How am I supposed to set the substance up in Designer and Painter?

Hey walk_on_sky,

no problem. Here you go:

I have attached a HSL substance to this post, just to give you a fast example.

In Substance Designer:
- Make sure you have set an usage for the input colour/grey scale node.

In Substance Painter:
- Import the SBSAR file into the Filters section of the Shelf (Drag&Drop)
- Add a new layer (not a fill layer) and add a filter effect to it (right click -> Add filter OR Add effect button -> Add filter)
- Drag and Drop the HSL filter (or your substance) into the Filter input

You now can paint with the Base Colour and use the HSL filter to affect the output.

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Thank you, your sbsar works for me in Painter.
I couldn't open the sbs file, though. I this error:
Application is too old to open URL
Current application manages format version "" instead of ""
Therefore, I can't really see how you set the substance up.
Have you saved it in Designer 5? Is there a way to save the substance in the Designer 4 format? Or could you show me a screenshot of the setup?

Is there a way to have multiple painted input maps?

Hey walk_on_sky,

you can add as many inputs as you like, they just need to be linked to an input channel from Substance Painter, like here on the screenshot (attached).
Set the usage to the channel you like. When painting with this channel in Substance Painter the substance will affect the result.

My substance is pretty simple. Input node, HSL, output node. Both the input and output are set to base colour (don't forget the identifier)

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