Author Topic: [Solved]Mac version crash when creating new substance or loading substance file  (Read 3754 times)

I've been running substance 4.6 and 5.0.3 fine the whole time in Mac from steam. But since a couple of days ago I've starting to experience issue with crashing every time when I was trying to create or load a substance.
I've no problem loading substance designer but loading or creating any substance would always crash the SD no matter what I do.

There's an crash log in attachment.
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Can you try to switch off the 3D view post processes (in Tools->Preferences->3D View) before creating a substance, and tell us if it makes any difference ?
Also can you please open "Help->Export Log File" and post the resulting file here.
Thanks !

Thanks for your reply.
I've just disabled post processing and recreate a new material. It crashes right away.

Here's more informations for you.
1.) 5.0.3 was working fine in both my iMac 2011 (radeon 6970M) and Macbook Pro 2012 (gtx 650M) since a couple of weeks ago after updates (both running with Yosemite 10.10.3).
2.) It was all fine until a couple of days ago it starts crashing in my iMac while still working in MBP.
3.) Yesterday it starts crashing on my Macbook Pro.

It seems like the app has been accumulating garbage and crashes it when the garbage is full (just my theory).

Can you please access the "game properties" for Designer in Steam and disable on-screen overlays for Designer ?

I'm very sure I did disabled the on-screen overlay for steam.

In fact, I've also tried to download the standalone installer from official website and installed it individually without Steam. The crash seems to be the same.

Ok, so it's not a Steam update that broke something either...
More things to test :
1/ Just to be sure, have you rebooted your machines since it started crashing ? If not, please do.
2/ If that does not change anything, please start Designer, do "Windows->Reset Layout",  then close the application. Restart and check if the situation improved.
3/ If not, rename or move somewhere else the directory /User/<your user name>/Documents/Allegorithmic/Substance Designer/5. This will reset most of the settings to factory default.

Also, I have a couple more questions. I'm pretty sure the answer will be "no", but we need to be sure :
  • Have you installed any new program, or updated any program (e.g. web browsers) on both machine just before Designer stopped working
  • Are you, or have you worked with a dual-monitor setup on both machines ?
  • Have you checked how much space is left on your hard drives when Designer crashes ? (it would be a bizarre coincidence if both machines became full at approximately the same time, but you never know...)

Hi mate,

Thanks for your advise. I've just tried "Windows->Reset Layout" and it seems to worked.

as for the rest of the question.
i.) No.
ii.) I was on dual monitor setup. I did suspected this to be the culprit. It happened on my iMac when I was trying to work on substance on second monitor. I have undocked windows on both screens.
iii.) I have plenty of space left. More than 100 GB on both of my Mac.

Thanks a lot for your support. Cheers.

Can you tell us, if you can remember, which windows were on the main display and which were on the secondary display ? This will help us reproducing the bug here and possibly solve it.  Thanks !
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I clearly remember that I was undocking the 3D view and Graph view and moving it to the second monitor. The 3D view isn't showing any 3D content in the 2nd monitor. It'd usually work if I save the scene and reopen it.

All I can say is possibly the mac version isn't quite stable yet in dual screen mode or undocking windows would crash the Mac version.

Hope it helps.

Seem to have this to, Same log file
Very annoying as i thought my file where corrupted and or SD  Did some clean install 2 ( yes it helped  i mean thats also a reset layout right )
The layout reseting worked.  just cost me to many hours to figure out.

Mac pro and SD don't like each other yet  :(
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Thank you for this post, I just had the seem problem until 15 minute research and I reset the layout and now all fixed. I am also working on two screens.