Author Topic: Hotkey for changing brush mode . . .  (Read 749 times)

. . .  I would like to switch from tangent to camera mode quickly without having to navigate to the brush menu and fiddling with a rollout every time I pick up a new brush.

My current model just doesn't work well with tangent mode enabled.

Hey Steve Burke,

you could create your own Brush with the settings you need. You still wouldn't get a Shortcut, but it's easier to click on just one icon, instead of opening the Advanced Brush menu, as you already mentioned.
Just edit the Brush settings as you want them to be and then right click inside the Paint Properties window and click on 'Save Brush' in the dialogue box.
You now can give your brush a simple name like 'Camera Alignment' or so and in the future you just need to click on the brush icon in the Shelf ;)

Best Regards
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