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I have a .FBX file that I load into unity. In my Assets/Materials folder, I have a bunch of substances(.sbsar) files. When I import the fbx, unity creates a bunch of blank materials In the "Materials" folder. So for instance, I will have a Concrete.mat(unity created this blank material) and a Concrete.sbsar(the substance I made). Is there a way to make it so that when I set up my substance materials in blender/modo/maya, or any program, to not have to re-set them when I bring them back into unity? Thank you for any help.

Making substance mapping data flow smoothly from a CAD program to a game engine via data embedded in the FBX is still an unsolved problem in computer science :)

However, you could probably do some automatic name matching and material assigning via some AssetPostProcessor script, like explained here: Also, if your CAD program supports it, you could try exporting Substance presets for the various materials involved, and re-applying the presets in your post processor script.

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Lol. I thought of doing that exact thing, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing some obvious thing before I spent the time programming it. Thank you for the advice and for confirming my worries:)