Author Topic: Substances not working in Unity 5  (Read 2218 times)

I have imported a bunch of .sbsar substances into my assets folder. I then create a 3d cube at my origin. If I click the substance, I can edit its properties in the editor and see it updated. But if I try to drag the substance onto any mesh, nothing happens. I never get a cursor, just a "circle with a slash", meaning an invalid operation I would think. And if I hold my cursor over my mesh, while my substance is still being dragged, I can see it flashing between a normal arrow icon and "invalid" icon.

If I expand the substance in the editor, I can successfully drag the diffuse map from the substance onto my cube mesh and it works fine. Any ideas?

I figured it out. I have to expand the substance and use the material inside. I thought I could drag the .sbsar onto the mesh. Sorry.

Note that you can also drag & drop the substance generated outputs in a Unity material slots (as for regular textures) if you want to have something separate.

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If you click the gear icon in the top right of the inspector you can "Export All Bitmaps" and save the generated textures, so you can use those without needing the substance at all.