Author Topic: Draw straight line or quickly mask a rectangular area?  (Read 1921 times)

I want to mask a rectangular area on my uv map, how would I do that? using a square brush that is large enough does not exist in the default settings and there is no way to draw a straight line holding shift like in photoshop.

Straight will come in a near future.

Meanwhile you can indeed use a square alpha on your brush. Select the default brush preset and expand the brush parameters to display the controls of the substance. In there you can change the default shape to a square one.
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Hi Straycat,
Wes made that tool in SD and posted somewhere. Here you have that post with the REALY  useful tool. until the update comes with the new tool, it would be cool if some admin put the forum as a sticky :D
i dont know if the tool works in the UV window, i work with it on the 3D view. give it a try, i am not in my main computer to test it :(

well here is the post:   
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