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That is great! The only thing I would miss from such a node is the ability to create sloped versions of the cells, i.e. cells with random gradients.  ::)

I wouldn't do this in the same node IMO

May be a separate node as well. With random luminance mask it should be possible to process the cells in a way that will get them gradients with a slope in arbitrary direction and employ some controls for the contrast/slope degree. It could be a separate node with an input in form of a luminance mask that will serve kinda like an ID map to help the node distniguish between separate cells.

This is pretty amazing.  Can't tell you how exciting this is that you figured this out.  Wanted to post a test case.  Works extremely well imo

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Cool! Haven't thought yet of getting the mask from "solid" images using the edge detect. Will know now, thanks! Also it's great to hear that the node works well for you and I'm definetly happy to see some test cases. I've tried to organize the node in a way that will allow it to function correctly almost in any case, but there still can be some rough corners. If something doesn't work — just twiddle parameters or post here so I can take a look.

Tip of the day: if your're not happy with the luminance pattern created by the node, tune the random seed to get different result.

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I never cease to be amazed by the incredible things this community can accomplish. I'm the OP that started this thread 7 months ago and only just saw that a solution had been found after seeing posts about it on twitter.

Sergey and Pawel, thank you both so much for your work! I can't tell you how useful this will be for me (and likely many people!)

You're welcome, @thephobos! Actually, it was 1 year and 7 months ago  ;D Time goes fast, huh.  ???

Substance community is indeed an incredible bunch of people. So many ideas, so many great works! And not to forget the Substance tech that is really empowering. I bet that many would be surprised if they knew that I started the SD around 2 months ago and approached the Pixel Processor node 2 weeks before this node came out.

Lately I've been looking inside graphs of nodes that come with SD and never seized to be amazed how they were actually built and how many ideas are tightly packed in them (not that I've complete understanding of what's going on in there, ha!  :P). Simply amazing.

Been using this for a while now. Just want to say thanks and great work!

Also... would it be possible with a random gradient/slope node next?  ;D

It's on the wish list at the moment  ::)

It's on the wish list at the moment  ::)
Nice! Looking forward to see if you can figure it out.  :D

That is great! The only thing I would miss from such a node is the ability to create sloped versions of the cells, i.e. cells with random gradients.  ::)

I'd really like random gradients (I tried the sloped cells thing the other day, actually. Barely got usable results) that could work with your randomize mask. Working on a herringbone generator and the only thing missing is random slopes.

Actually you can do it quite simply with one pixel processor and gradient node.
There was a threat about it too:

Nice find, Pawel! With some added controls for gradients and with a way to prevent tiling issues it could be almost complete solution.

Hello everyone,

I've made a small update to the node and reworked controls for the random opacity mask output (bottom one). Now it is possible to control the luminance range of the cells that will be included in the opacity mask, offset it by specified value and control binarity of this mask. Basically it's like taking the "slice" of the luminance mask in a given range, so now it should be much easier to produce random opacity mask for various parts of the input mask.

Download from here:;topic=5158.0;attach=23677

hi guys
am i doing somthing wrong?

i have bitmap
and i imputed it in the filter
as a result  this is best what i get

leak everywhere :(

can some one help me  to get frome that kind of mask a random grayscale

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