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Hi all,

Saw a video on bringing in an .sbsar file into Marmoset without having to create maps and hook them up, which I had successfully done with a very simple, single graph published from Designer.

When I get into making the other materials and combining them for the different parts it didnt work, nothing would attach in Marmoset.  I went through and turned off "Output Computation" for the Leather, BladeMetal, and Gold graphs, but still nothing.  I have a graph (at the top) with the graphs being instanced plugged into the blender, which has "Output Computations" on.

How, if there is a way, do I get my publish to work in Marmoset?

thanks for your time!

Hey artmonkeygod,

Toolbag is not compatible with Substance Engine 5, which means that all new nodes in SD 5 can't be used. Make sure to either author solely for Substance Engine 4 by setting its compatibility mode in the preferences, or export bitmaps.

The compatibility mode won't make SD5 automatically work with older versions, it just highlights the new apps so you know which can be used and which not.

Best regards
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aahhh, gotcha, ok thanks Fabian!