Author Topic: How to reset Substance Painter to default?  (Read 22322 times)

Hey guys,
is there an easy way to reset Substance Painter without reinstalling?
Particularly I want to restore "Export Document..." Configuration Schemes.

Thank you

Hey deadheads,

to reset the export presets to default you just need to delete the folder 'C:\Users\*yourusername*\Documents\Substance Painter\shelf\allegorithmic'

Don't worry, the folder will be recreated when Substance Painter starts the next time; ;)

Best Regards
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ok cool, though I am on mac, but seems I've figured it out :)
Thank you!

Hey deadheads,

On the Mac it's the same path except 'C:\' ;)

Best regards
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Would there be a different way to do this in 2022? There is no allegorithmic in the shelf folder -thanks