Author Topic: Substance Painter crashes at launch (Painter 2020)  (Read 610 times)

After updating my windows, my Substance Painter ceases to work and crashes at launch.

I have tried updating my GPU driver and use the Windows Ram Diagnostic tool; still does not work.

(The log pops up for a split second and then crashes itself. I managed to capture it once when it did not crash itself)

Substance Painter 2019 and 2021 launches just fine. But I can't use 2021 because it's the student version.

Attached below is a log.

Thanks for any assistance.
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dmp file (sorry for zip file, it refuses to be posted.)

I checked your dumpfile quickly and noticed DiscordHook64 is referenced. Can you try disabling your Discord overlay and see if that works?

- As per Discord this solution fixed the problem.
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