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Absolutely awesome product, I really enjoy working in Substance Designer and it's doing wonders to deliver small files to generate great textures.

One huge limitation for me, however, is that I need to texture map spheres either using Mercator Projection (like the traditional world map) or cube mapping.

I've tried to transform the generated tiled square textures but the projection needs to take place in the noise generators so I've been unsuccessful so far.

My request is:
* Support to generate spherical textures (mercator projection and/or cube map)

Bumping this, because I'm trying to produce procedural planet textures.

So what is the status on this topic? I read from the old website ( that this was in the pipeline, but I don't see any  results/tutorials/or any forms of progress on this subject.

I would like to learn a work-around for this or ways to work within these limitations. Please - somebody post a tutorial related to substance designer 5 and spherical mapping.

Hey shanejez,

you can use the Tri-Planar projection if I understand your question right.

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