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Hello all,

I have been having an issue importing my FBX file into Substance Painter. I've been following the Allegorithmic Substance in Unreal Engine 4 tutorial by the ninja Wes, to the point at which I bring my meshes into Substance Painter. So I have exported a grouped FBX, and have baked maps from separated parts. It seems when I import my grouped mesh into Substance Painter, one of the pieces position is translated to the side. Every other application I bring this mesh into does not apply this position translation, including Substance Designer. Does anyone know why this is happening only in Substance Painter? Also when I exported the grouped mesh as an OBJ the position translation is not applied, so it must have something to do with the way I have exported the FBX. However I have other issues with the OBJ file, as the smoothing groups are royally boned in that format for reasons I also know not the answers to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Can you please try to apply a "Reset Xform" on your mesh before the export?
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Thanks, I'll give it a shot! Can you explain why the mesh appears differently in the 3 applications?

Thanks, I'll give it a shot! Can you explain why the mesh appears differently in the 3 applications?

Hey conradsly,

if the objects have non-zero transforms they will be moved to their own origins once imported into another application.
You need to freeze the transforms so the objects get zeroed out transforms.

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Great, that worked guys, thanks for the tips! I had zeroed out the transforms previously, but only for the group. I applied the reset xform modifier to each piece and now it works properly :)

I do still wonder why this was only an issue in Substance Painter, and not in any other application  ???

The way the objects are handled is different in SD and SP; if you still have the previous mesh (with a different behavior in SD vs SP) don't hesitate to share it by email (it can help us as a test mesh to possibly make the importer more flexible in the future).

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Thanks a everyone, really helpful!  :D