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I'm looking for a feature that I believe we're currently missing: a switch node (a bit like a static switch in unreal). Let's explain myself with an example:
I create a substance to create a basic leather texture, export it to be used with the player. I will be using this substance as it is 90% of the time. But from time to time, I'll be wanting to add some dirt to this texture, meaning adding quite a few nodes in the substance and therefor quite a few extra parameters in the player. For clarity sake, I'd like to expose these extra features only when I'm using the dirt node and not if I'm not using it.
In this case a switch called "use dirt" would be super useful.
Please let me know if the request is not clear, I'd be happy to have a chat about it.

You can almost do that already. The blend node, when using the "switch" blending mode, already allows to switch on or off parts of a graph.
What's currently missing to be able to do everything you want is a way to not expose  unused parameters.
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It is planned though  :)

Nice one! Thanks for the update.