Author Topic: Using non-PBR materials in a PBR world  (Read 1716 times)

I am a new user and need some workflow advice.  My project calls for the use of a cedar wood material.  I purchased a substance material on Turbosquid and need to grunge it up a bit in Designer and Painter.  The purchased .sbsar file is not PBR with only Diffuse, Specular and Normal/Bump outputs.  My target is Blender Cycles and Unity.  Should I "convert" the material to PBR by inverting the Spec map and level adjusting before further modification or just stay with the non-PBR flow?  I am unsure of limitations in Designer/Painter for non-PBR materials as well as issues with Unity.

I would personally convert as you will have hard time getting the result you want.

Thanks for the reply.  After playing with both approaches, I found that I could get a more convincing result by converting the standard material into a metal/rough PBR format as you suggest.  The rest of the tool chain should work well with this also.