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I had a bug several times now where changing (reloading) the color id map did not propagate into masks where the color selection mask had been used to drive some effects on fill layers.
Only after clicking on the actual id map (that button) and reselecting the now modified version within that mask effect I was able to refresh the layer stack.
Let me know if you need a *.gif if my description sounds somewhat weird.

Hey msperling,

I understand what you are talking about. I think this is intended to have this behaviour, but only a developer can say ;)
I'll see if we can get an answer.

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Indeed, this is the intended behavior. Since most of the time ID maps are used to identify material types, you can end-up redoing your UV but keeping your original color. So even if you change the uvs and rebake the map, your mask can still be valid.

It doesn't work anymore if you change the colors in the ID maps and they don't match what you picked.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Ok I see that this might be intended for UV modifications. I suggest adding a functionality to manually propagate the changed id map into the layer stack on demand. This way you won't accidently forget a layer which can happen when the stack grows. I'll post this on uservoice when I find the time.

By the way I want to thank you for an awesome set of tools and your very dedicated community support. You are great!
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