Author Topic: Add "edit Instance" in Materials element array?  (Read 1778 times)

UE4 has link to Browse a Material Asset via Details Panel / Material
But, in order to get to the instance to adjust params, you have to hunt it down.
As the number of instances increases this is more problematic.

It seems that UE4 "knows" the instance associated with any given material.
Why not expose that if present, and add an "edit instance" icon in the details panel?

See Attached image for example.

Hi macktek,

I think this idea (or a derivative thereof) would be a good idea and have added it to our feature requests.

One complication may be that base Materials are generic, and not directly related to Substance (they just use substance texture expressions inside)
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Hi Macktek,
Another solution is to use the reference viewer with a search depth limit of 2 (or 3 if your material is a material instance).