Author Topic: Is there actually a limit to 32 parameters in UE4?  (Read 3010 times)

I have 34 exposed parameters in my substance and 2 are not showing up in UE4. I tried to add more and nothing shows up... like there is a max 32 exposed parameters  :-\

Any pointers?


one of our substances (from version 4) has 85 parameters plus image inputs, everything works.  I'd ensure all identifiers for parameters have unique values, perhaps that's causing problems?

I just tried the substance in the player and I get the same result... the .sbs seems ok and the XML looks valid (passed a few XML validators) so I'm kinda out of ideas... this is not UE4 related, it's a SD5 issue I guess  :-\

Hey DFT Games,

may you be able to share the .sbs file so I can take a look at this and, when necessary, a Dev can overlook it as well?
If it's not meant to be shared you can send an PM or Email for sure.

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Hi Fabian,
I reproduced this with a simple substance, only 3 parameters, but only 2 show up in the Substance Player... the Boolean is missing... this is really odd... any hint? Attaching the test substance here.


I checked with the team, your issue comes from the parameter you are trying to expose, "tiling mode" cannot be exposed.
A ticked has been filed in, I'll update the doc.
What you can do in the meantime is use a switch node between two nodes with the desired values and expose this switch's toggle value.



Well, actually I have not exposed "tiling mode", I created a custom boolean parameter that I use in the funcion within the tiling mode using the GetInt node. So basically SD notices that I'm using a custom parameter to drive that tiling mode, therefore it disables it? That's quite peculiar.

Are there any other similar "forbidden exposures" in SD?

Tiling mode and a few other inputs cannot be changed dynamically, you can find that list at the bottom of this page :, "Exceptions and Caveats".

Ok, thanks for the link.