Author Topic: The projection tool may need some love  (Read 3475 times)

Hi guys!

I'm having some difficulties using the Projection tool.
First of all, I use it a lot, and my main concerns are:
1) Low quality resolution
2) No way to use the original image aspect ratio?
3) Simmetry doesn't work.

Also, this tool really needs a warp/liquify effect, to adapt the image to the underlying geometry before projecting it.

You know I love Painter, but now that the base is covered, it really needs more painting tools :)

+1 totally agree
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Totally agree +2.

One of the neater features in 3D Coat's painting tool is the ability to cube map a stencil around the object, so that when you're rotating the object, the stencil stays in place. It's great for painting onto a rounded surface like an eyeball. I would really like to see this in Substance Painter (or if it's there, please let me know how to find it. I've been searching forever).

3D Coat is somewhat a beast of software, but it's not fast as Substance Painter on file management.

Yes, i would really like to see a full resolution option too! I had assumed just the preview alpha was low res, not the actual image doing the work because of the results i was getting, but im not sure. I was trying to use the image on the left in the link below to "sculpt" some damage into my mesh, which worked great in 4k and looking like somebody was using Zbrush on a HP model. But for this image, i could not see where the scratches were, although the detail left behind seemed much finer than the blurry preview you see when you hit the S key, although i am not sure it was any different.
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Hi guys !
Any news on this ,i would like to use my image native resolution to project on a mesh ?
Is this possible in Painter 2018.


Soon! (for real)

Definitely needed, applying textures to things like doors and windows, square ratio is almost pointless. This will be a welcome modification.  :)

Very very soon