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I was currently looking into your issue, it seems to be related to some modification done for Substance Painter 2018 in the command lines.
We found from where it comes from, and we will try to fix it as soon as possible but I can't give you an ETA at this moment.

In the meantime, you can use the "Use existing spp" option (this way you shouldn't get the error).


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Thanks for your answer Ludo

"In the meantime, you can use the "Use existing spp" option (this way you shouldn't get the error)."
Yes, of course but i lose benefit of the script.

Unfortunatly i didn't find any solution for this issue.

Maybe trying the 2018.2

The issue has been fixed with the 2018.2.0 version.

Let us know if you're still having trouble using this plugin !

I done at once...

Back to you after long holidays  ;D
I confirm that works fine with substance painter 2018.2 ;)

Glad it works, thanks for letting me know that the issue has been fixed !

If anyone is still having trouble, feel free to answer to this post explaining which issue he is having.



i have a problem after instalation "Substance Painter executable cannot be detected in specified path"
can someone help me?

I use
substance painter 2018.3.3 (Steam version)

and i send model to substance,but nothing in the substance,And no error messages.

Another thing, when I re-open 3ds max, the plugins substance exe path will be reset.
This is very inconvenient because my exe path is different from the general installation path,Causes me to reassign each time.

Hi Sam,

I can ask Gaetan if he does anything with this anymore. The integrations team doesn't work on this, although we're looking at adding a proper live link from Painter to 3ds Max. This should be a much better solution in the long term.

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regarding the resetting path...

Use the Maxscript Editor. Open the installed script, which is saved somewhere like:
C:\Users\Peter\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2019 - 64bit\ENU\usermacros
(...for me. Obviously you need to find your own local path.)

Then you can change the path from here and it will be hard-wired to your changes.
Attached screengrab is from my adjusted version.

Kind regards,
Peter Spence

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For anyone else running into "Admin" OS rights issues:

Tried to run this script under "Run As Admin" for 3DS but still get the same error as listed earlier in this thread.  I was able to resolve the issue by making sure the sendToSubstance_1.2.mzp file was located on another drive (i.e. D:\Substance Scripts\...) ... basically anywhere outside of the Windows 10 "Protected" folders.  I could NOT use the default "scripts" path that 3DSMax uses C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2019\scripts.

In addition, if you disable "Controlled Folder Access" under Windows 10 that still does NOT permit access.  Some folders can't be "disabled" (for a good reason).

Once outside of the OS protected folders all is good and 3DSMax will create the .mcr file in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2019\scripts\SendToSubstance and you should NOT need to run 3DSMax as Admin.

Cheers, Rob.

I've got the script working in terms of loading SP with my object.  I add my SP materials etc. and hit save and close SP.  I have my two .FBX and .SPP files in my set path (i.e. D:\SendToSubstance\Box001).  All good so far, but what do I need to do in 3DSMax to see my SP results after using the script?

My expectation was it would be similar to how Adobe worked with AE and PP were my update AE project would automatically be reflected in my PP project.  This doesn't seem to be the case with 3DS and SP or am I missing something?

Cheers, Rob.

EDIT: yes I'm new to 3DSMax (mostly a C4D/Adobe person).

Rob, Substance Painter ultimately exports new image maps for your materials. So you choose to overwrite the maps that you had in your original material in 3ds Max, (or create new ones and then hook those up in 3ds Max) Then all you need to do is go through the export process in Painter and your material in 3ds Max will be automatically updated.

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Hi! v3,
I am in a 3Ds Max 2018.4 ans Substance Painter 2019 v3.3, exporting with any version of FBX from 2013 forwards,
I just get the fbx file exported but not the .spp file.
The FBXs all have artefacts.(Normals, Smoothing Groups, Faces and Vertexes cheked and cleaned).

Any clue?

Thanks for any help!