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I'll try to take a look at it but I'm not sure it's possible to do it without admin rights, so no guarantee  :-X
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Hi there,

I love this script and use it all the time, but there's one thing about it which really frustrates me; when I click the '...' button for 'Export Path' I get this kind of Windows File Explorer, and it's so limited and slow!

Is there anyway the script can be altered so that when I click the button I get this, more expanded kind of File Explorer dialog?

Otherwise - thank you very much for the script. It saves me so much time and hassle. Hopefully with this one alteration I could save just a little more time.

Hi, thanks for the feedback!
Indeed, it's a limitation of 3ds Max, I don't think there is a way to have a better explorer view ("Browse for folder" window) when looking for a location. If I remember correctly, I used the "getSavePath ()" function. I guess it would be doable to code a custom UI but it requires some more time (but maybe there is another alternative, however I don't see one for now) :)

That's why I did the text fields next to the "..." buttons in order to let the users copy/paste a path (from the explorer).
So the best way is probably to use it in order to be quicker when specifying a path.
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Hi again, thanks for your reply.

So the 'browse for folder' window is actually part of the Max UI and not Windows? (I've not been using Windows long, I've just switched over from Mac)...

If so - damn.

So, is there no easy way getting the script to call up the same sort of interface that Max uses for, say, its 'Import' command? It's like a limited version of the Windows File Explorer but it's still better than the Browse for Folder window...

Again, many thanks for your reply and your work on this utility.

Is this script compatible with 3ds 2012?

@barrylegg : yes the "browse for folder" is based on a 3ds Max function.
About the "import" window (or even the "open" one), the context is also different as it's looking for a file (not a directory).
The getOpenFileName () function is the equivalent but -as it's looking for a file- I guess I have no option but to use the getSavePath ().
If the text field (combined with copy/paste from Windows explorer) is not good enough I guess I can take a look at it later but, as everyone, I'm always looking for time :)

@zetes  : I tested it with 3ds Max 2012 with the first version (with Substance Painter 1), so it should be ok (however I haven't tested recently).
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Hi, I'm sort of new to everything in general but is there a way to export a high poly along with the base mesh?

Personally, I found SP's baking to be more reliable and easier than 3ds max.

I'm guessing for now, I'd have to bake the normal map then attach it to the material?

or you can manually refer your high poly within SP, in the bakers options.

Thanks vince.

Unrelated issue but since I tried this bridge script, I can't create new projects anymore in SP. I've tried reinstalling SP but no luck. Is it possible this could be related or just coincidence?I tried deleting all the files (,,, etc.) but I have no idea what I'm doing.  :-[

edit: I deleted the registry to do a clean install and it fixed the problem:

Again, I have no idea if the bridge script is related to the issue or not. Just thought I'd post in case it might be.
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Hi, thanks for the feedback. Regarding the new project creation issue in SP, it shouldn't be something related to the bridge as it doesn't affect SP preferences/rights/settings but we're not sure of the issue right now (it can also be related to some antivirus or Windows rights).
As it seems to fix the issue in your case, if it happens again, that would be great for us to have the corresponding Registry information (you can export a .reg file from the Registry Editor, screenshot below).

Also, if you can send us (it can be by email) the SP log file ( it can help.

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Is there a way to automatically apply exported from SP textures to, for example, Vray material  in 3ds max? What I mean is that I can send fast from 3ds Max to painter with a bridge. Then paint my model and export textures. But If I have, for example, five different materials in painter, then on export I have about 25 maps for vray. And put them manually to vray materials inside 3ds max is quite a long story. May be there is exist a script which allows to select one texture and others will apply automatticaly to corresponding slots according to first part of a file name of texture set?

Hi, just installed new Painter 2017 and the script doesnt keep my preferences inside 3ds max. It keeps pointing at SP2. Do i have to uninstall and re install? thanks

I have a problem with the SP 2017 bridge . I use it to import from 3ds Max and after export textures for Unreal engine 4.
The wrong process is this: import to substance, bake , make the textures for the object, export for UE4->conclusion: the normal map is wrong, also the M/r/ao is wrong.(first picture)
The working process: open substance, import asset using ue4 settings, bake, make textures, export for ue4->conclusion: everything looks great.
There are also some differences in the preview of the 3d object between the 2 methods.
I've used the bridge with an older version of SP and everything worked great, the textures in UE4 looked as the textures in SP. 

its time for 2018 version maybe?


I try Substance Painter and I've got an strange error when i use 3dsMax to Substance Painter bridge (v1.2).
I use 3ds Max 2018

And the only file in the temp folder is the fbx. No spp file ...

Thanks by advance for your support