Author Topic: Horrible artifacts when baking normal maps in blender  (Read 2653 times)

I am having issues with using normal maps in substance designer, regardless of what settings i use i always get horrible artifacts such this.

Hi, it is one of the difficulties with normal mapping in general to try to bake a high res cylinder onto a low res cylinder. The normal baker tries to 'get rid of' the corners sticking out of the low res cylinder but it cannot make them disappear.

It is a good idea to check that, on every surface on your low poly model, if you look straight toward the surface (down along the normal) there should be part of the high poly surface present. If there isn't, there is nothing to bake from and that part will receive artifacts.

The best way I think then would be to bevel your (gun barrel?) tip until the edge loops almost meet and try rebaking.

Edit: I can see that where the two barrels meet there is a weird 'molten' thread, that is because your normal bake distance has been set smaller than the space between the barrels, therefore it bakes information from one barrel surface onto the other. Try setting your distance a bit smaller.
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