Author Topic: Mesh materials merged in Substance Painter but not in Substance Designer?  (Read 806 times)


I just picked up Substance Painter. I have a Mixamo Fuse FBX model that I was texturing in Substance Designer. It has four materials: skin, top, bottom, and hair. I wanted to test out the workflow of SP, so I brought the same untextured model into SP. SP is creating a single texture set and unwrapping the uvs of the entire model into a single texture, which I assume means its not recognizing the materials properly?

I assume that when I bring in a model with multiple materials in SP, it should retain the different materials. Am I missing something?


Hey dale.s.gordon,

Substance Designer doesn't make a difference for multiple materials, like Substance Painter does.
In Substance Designer you should work with ID Maps or masks.

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