Author Topic: Tackling Normal maps black edges using Substance Painters Re-Project uvs ?  (Read 861 times)

Hello everyone!
I was wondering if we could tackle Normal map black edges drom beveled edges of the high poly model down to the low poly!
 I thought could happen :

1.Create High poly & bevel accordignly to the right edges
2.Create Low poly,Unwrap normaly without separating the uv islands just yet for correct baking.
3.Dublicate the low poly and separate the correct uv islands.Use this copy to bake the details from the high res for.
4.Import in Substance Painter the copy of the low poly & the baked normal map.
5.Load the normal map as a fill layer & delete the input normal map.
6.Change the model by reprojecting the uvs.
7.Export the new normal map.

I don't know if it will work,unfortunately i haven't tried it yet since i'm on the first steps right now of unwrapping my models,but i was wondering if you think this workflow could tackle the black edges that appear when we don't separate the uv islands.
 If my calculations are correct it should work,as it will transfer the normal map as something made in Substance rather an input so it should reproject it accordingly to the new uvs.

What do you think?

Thank you very much for reading my post,have a good day :)
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