Author Topic: Export settings for PBR to Sketchfab?  (Read 1510 times)

What is the recommended export settings if I'm to upload to sketchfab? Do you have a tutorial or video for it perhaps?

Thanks in advance

Hey kelesidius,

You don't need to use a specialised workflow for Sketchfab. It's just like exporting for a Game Engine or Toolbag.
Use the standard Graph Presets in Substance Designer like Roughness/Metalness and it should work fine.

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Ok thanks!
I exported the PBR preset (Metallic) before I saw the reply, in sketchfab i used the metalness material but I don't know what to drop in the Specular F0 field, I left as it is though but I think it looks fine.
here's a link, would love to take an opinion from more experienced eyes, I'm new to the whole deal and some of this stuff just fly above me

Hey kelesidius,

on the Allegorithmic Website you can find the very well written PBR Guide from Wes McDermott. Here is the link:

This guide will provide you with a lots of knowledge about PBR and its maps and how to use them.

How to use the 'Specular F0' Setting is also covered in the PBR Giide.
The Specular F0 is not necessary in the Metal/Rough workflow, because the most dielectrics (non-metals) have a Specular F0 value of 4%.

When you have more questions regarding PBR and its workflow, it would be great if you could open a new Topic for that, to keep this one cleaner ;)

I hope this helps you.

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Will do!
Thanks again!