Author Topic: Imported SVG file not editable  (Read 11202 times)

I imported a svg edited with inkscape but I'm unable to edit it in substance designer 3.2.1 once imported (I don't link it).
I do see the content and the colors and transparency are correct but when I click on the shapes no path shows up.

The first object selected in inkscape shows the following information:
"Path (124 nodes) in layer1" which confirms that the object is a path as required by substance designer.

I tried literally for hours different formats, different ways , nothing works... (find hereby attached a SVG).

Please help I'm running late on our project because of this ><!


You have to remove the layer(s) from the SVG in order for it to be editable -- the SVG support in Substance Designer is very very basic so the SVG needs to be bare bones for the editability to be maintained.

You can manually edit the SVG in any text editor -- or you can do it inside Inkscape using the Edit>XML editor dialog.
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Did you manage to figure this out? I'm having a similar issue.

I have a very basic vector shape saved as a svg with illustrator, when I import it into my substance it only imports 2 points of my vector path. The whole shape appears but only with the two points selectable. When I move the point or anchors everything disappears except for the shape the two points make.

You need to convert your shape to a path, SVGs in Substance only support basic paths, not complex vector primitives such as a rounded-angle box.


I forgot to mention I removed the layers from the SVG as proposed and it fixed my problem :)

Thank you and keep the good work comming :D


This shape is actually a path not a shape. I've tried it not having any fill or stroke as well with no success.

How would I go about removing the layers? This shape is the only thing in the file so it's on the default layer 1 and I'm not sure how to remove that without losing the path.

Could you attach your file please ?

Sure, here you go.

Is there any news on this?  I'm having the same problem, SD only sees a few points on even the most basic, one layer paths exported from Illustrator.

Is there a tutorial anywhere that shows the proper export settings or a working method? 

As for Illustrator i noticed that the exported svg file is missing the width and height attributes in the svg-Tag. I don't know why Designer needs those, but adding them manually solves the problem.

2016, still doesn't work...

And I can't choose svg 1.0 in last update illustrator 2015.3